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Link2SD is the most helpful app just for Android users developed by Bulent Akpinar. It features a small internal in-built storage capacity. This app allows users to move apps along with the games to the SDcard in its 2nd partition. Do you think that we need Link2SD if we have Froyo and Native apps which work in a similar way? Yes off course we need Link2SD because Native only allows you to move the apk files. Do you have any idea about how to use Link2SD on android device? to Use Link2SD
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What is Link2SD ?
Link2SD is the app which is only for the rooted android users. It has got the similar idea as that of the other apps2SD ones but it is simple and unique. This app allows the users to move all the .so (library) files and .dex (dalvic-cache) of all the applications installed in your smartphone. Link2SD can never see the users frustrated of the low memory problem so as to ease their problems the app just free their phone’s memory so as to allow them to install the games with no disruptions.

Link2SD is about physical reformatting of the SD card along with including the extra feature via partition. It is linked with the internal storage of your android. This app will definitely help in clearing the space from the internal memory and allowing the ease to the users to experience more and more applications.

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You have to root your android first for using the main feature of Link2SD.

Download Wizard Manager for Mini Tool Partitionfrom the Download Link Below
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Using your card reader open your SD card contents on your PC
Keep a backup of all your files (partition wipes data)
Partition your SD card, refer the method used in this post
After partitioning your SD card, install Link2SD from Google Play
Choose one from the options

Restart your device and choose “Internal”

Start using Link2SD and if message pop up select “Allow” otherwise click on the Link2SD settings and click on “Auto Link”

For moving applications which are already installed in your android just click on “Create Link”
Click on options and select all the three options
Link2SDClick “storage info” to check about all the info of your internal memory, ext2 and FAT partition
Now you can enjoy and experience more applications
Finally, you got rid of your android’s low memory problem.

This feature is being something easier than using the Link2SD app.

Choose the apps you want to remove/uninstall
Click on “Action”
Choose “Uninstall” from the pop up message
Message pop up about the confirmation for removing/uninstalling the app
Click OK and it’s done
Pro Tip: Make sure while uninstalling/removing the apps. Do not remove any important app which further can even make your device to work improperly or purely dead. Your SD card is linked to the internal storage so don’t try to remove it at any cost. Choose ext2 as your second partition, it works faster.

Still facing any troubles in using Link2SD? Are you still in doubts about how to use Link2SD on android device? Ask your queries in the comments below.

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After googling a lot and trying so many sugestions to fix my problem, I decided to ask for your help here.

I rooted my THL 5000 using kingo root.

After this, I partitioned my 32 Gb SD Card into 2 partitions (1st FAT32 and 2nd as EXT4, both as primary) using Mini Tool Partition and following a tutorial guide in

I changed the configuration of superSU to “enable SU during boot”.

Installed the Link2SD granting root access. Change configuration of Link2SD to “relink libraries during boot” and “relink dex during boot”. Choose EXT4 for 2nd partition and after rebooting, it seems that worked. When I see the “storage information” it shows “SD card 2nd Part” in /data/sdext2.

But, when I created a link to an app and rebooted, it simply disappeared. Is weird because using a terminal emulator, I accessed /data/sdext2 and his apk was there. I also could create a dir there for testing.

I tried to make the Link2SD a system app (mv /data/app/com.buak.Link2SD-1.apk /system/app/com.buak.Link2SD-1.apk), but this error messagen was shown: “failed on ‘/data/app/com.buak.Link2SD-1.apk’ – Cross-device link”.

I saw the suggest to remove the scripts 05mountsd and 11link2sd from /etc/init.d, but my android doesn’t have this directory.